Name Bogdanka (F) 
YoB 2011
Sex mare
Colour chestnut
Sire Pad d'Urzy (F), 2003
Dam Quodiva de Chamant (F), 2004
Damsire Jam Pridem (F), 1997
Breeder Alexander Vorobij
Trainer Mykola Volf
Record 16,1

Pohoto: ( )

Date Course Place St. Nr. Time Start Dist. Driver Odds Prize in €
19.11.2016CH1420,9A2180Mykola Volf2083322 500 CZK
05.11.2016BRA3320,7A2640Mykola Volf2787 500 CZK
29.10.2016CH4621,6A2180Mykola Volf38932 500 CZK
08.10.2016CH121122,6V1710am. Michaela Zemanová10000 CZK
24.09.2016BRA2318,2A2140Mykola Volf42611 500 CZK
17.09.2016CH6322,8A2180am. Michaela Zemanová12000 CZK
06.08.2016CH2418,8A2180am. Michaela Zemanová2542611 500 CZK
24.07.2016CH2619,3A2715Mykola Volf5042611 500 CZK
23.06.2016CH6620,4V1710am. Michaela Zemanová13000 CZK
23.06.2016CH9622,1cV1710am. Michaela Zemanová9000 CZK
11.06.2016BRA7418,3A2640Mykola Volf40501 350 CZK
14.05.2016CH2321,6A2715Mykola Volf2842611 500 CZK
04.05.2016S8120,0A2400Mykola Volf426105
20.04.2016MD9118,9A2100Mykola Volf574125
26.03.2016BRA3418,7A2640Mykola Volf2787 500 CZK

14.11.2015BRA2519,4A2640Mykola Volf51113 800 CZK
31.10.2015BRA1421,7A2140Mykola Volf99927 000 CZK
17.10.2015BRA5518,5A2140Mykola Volf701 890 CZK
23.08.2015BRA2118,9A2640Mykola Volf3051113 800 CZK
08.08.2015BRA1316,1A2140Mykola Volf99927 000 CZK
12.07.2015BRA3116,4A1640Mykola Volf1393 750 CZK
28.06.2015BRA3124,5A2140am. Michaela Zemanová3339 000 CZK
23.05.2015CH4519,4A1670am. Michaela Zemanová90932 500 CZK
08.05.2015CH4222,0A2180am. Michaela Zemanová70932 500 CZK
25.04.2015CH4621,0cA1670am. Michaela Zemanová60932 500 CZK

03.11.2014S8220,7A1925Mykola Volf1890
26.10.2014MD3619,7A2100Mykola Volf210310
11.10.2014CHDC3A2180Petr Nowicki3000 CZK
27.09.2014CH2519,8A1670am. Michaela Zemanová271363 680 CZK
24.08.2014CH6523,2cA1670am. Michaela Zemanová4500 CZK
10.08.2014CH4421,2A2180am. Michaela Zemanová35742 000 CZK
19.07.2014CH1519,2A1670am. Michaela Zemanová252667 200 CZK
05.07.2014CH4624,0cA2180am. Michaela Zemanová45742 000 CZK
15.06.2014CH2721,4A2180am. Michaela Zemanová201363 680 CZK
08.05.2014CHZ 3A2180am. Michaela Zemanová2500 CZK
26.04.2014CH3120,6cA1670am. Michaela Zemanová40892 400 CZK

21.09.2013CHQ-24,0A1600Mykola Volf

Breeding career
Colour Gender Pedigree Breeder
2018Ibi Lou (CZE)dark baymareHello Jo (F), 1995 - Bogdanka (F), 2011JUDr. Milan Šíma
2019Jolka Misi (CZE)dark baymareHello Jo (F), 1995 - Bogdanka (F), 2011JUDr. Milan Šíma
2021Lucifee Misi (CZE)blackhorseHello Jo (F), 1995 - Bogdanka (F), 2011JUDr. Milan Šíma
2022Mia Misi (CZE)blackmareHello Jo (F), 1995 - Bogdanka (F), 2011JUDr. Milan Šíma

Notes on results: DC - disqualified for galopping through the finish line, DD - disqualified for not achieving the final furlong at the same moment as the winner is crossing the finish line, DN - disqualified for excessive galopping, DT - disqualified for taking an irregular pace, S - not started, Z - unfinished race, ZC - disqualified for taking advantage of the field by taking an irregular pace, ZN - unfinished due to crash

Notes on start types: A - autostart, F - flying start, V - volt start

Notes on distance types: K - short distance (< 1999 m), M - medium distance (2000 m - 2599 m), L - long distance (> 2600 m)

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