Name Pretty Woman (NL) 
YoB 1998
Sex mare
Colour bay
Sire Rapid Royalty (US), 1984
Dam Bichri Zandhorst (NL), 1984
Damsire Formal Notice (US), 1967
Breeder R.W.A. Voets
Trainer Jaroslav Dobrovolný
Owner Agasi (CZE)
Record 19,2

Date Course Place St. Nr. Time Start Dist. Driver Odds Prize in €
20.10.2001CH3619,2A1675Jaromír Kotásek100401 200 CZK
20.10.2001CH7619,9A1675Jaromír Kotásek7019560 CZK
08.07.2001BADN2A1600Jaromír Kotásek30400 SKK
24.06.2001NT2523,0cF1800Jaromír Kotásek151996 000 SKK
26.05.2001CH6519,5V1675Jaromír Kotásek9000 CZK
13.05.2001CH4119,6A1675Jaromír Kotásek703149 450 CZK
08.04.2001BA8730,1F1600Ondřej Goiš2600 SKK
25.03.2001CHDN6A1675Ondřej Goiš3000 CZK

29.10.2000CH2519,8A1675Jaromír Kotásek801 16235 000 CZK
01.10.2000BA2427,2F1600Ondřej Goiš3441512 500 SKK
20.08.2000CH5120,5A1675Jaromír Kotásek601494 500 CZK
23.07.2000NT1427,5V1600Jaromír Kotásek1336511 000 SKK
02.07.2000BA3426,1A1600Jaromír Kotásek462196 600 SKK
11.06.2000BA2524,2A1600Jaromír Kotásek241835 500 SKK
21.05.2000BA4130,0A1600Jaromír Kotásek35732 200 SKK

Breeding career
Colour Gender Pedigree Breeder
2004Perzon Teč (CZE)dark baygeldingSabbath (CS), 1985 - Pretty Woman (NL), 1998Jaroslav Chrastina
2005Palma Teč (CZE)baymareCastleton Magic (US), 1987 - Pretty Woman (NL), 1998Jaroslav Chrastina
2006Paloma Teč (CZE)baymareDefiant One (US), 1985 - Pretty Woman (NL), 1998Jaroslav Chrastina
2008Poker Teč (CZE)bayhorseZoning America (I), 1996 - Pretty Woman (NL), 1998Jaroslav Chrastina
2009Paramon Teč (CZE)bayhorseZoning America (I), 1996 - Pretty Woman (NL), 1998Jaroslav Chrastina

Notes on results: DC - disqualified for galopping through the finish line, DD - disqualified for not achieving the final furlong at the same moment as the winner is crossing the finish line, DN - disqualified for excessive galopping, DT - disqualified for taking an irregular pace, S - not started, Z - unfinished race, ZC - disqualified for taking advantage of the field by taking an irregular pace, ZN - unfinished due to crash

Notes on start types: A - autostart, F - flying start, V - volt start

Notes on distance types: K - short distance (< 1999 m), M - medium distance (2000 m - 2599 m), L - long distance (> 2600 m)

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